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Brett Cassort is an International Award winning and published artist who has covered the U.S., growing up in the Northeast and now calling Southern California home for over a decade.  Living in the southwest has given Brett access to the wealth of natural beauty that surrounds him.  The beaches, mountains and desert can all be experienced within a couple hour drive and provide so much inspiration for his work.  One of his favorite drives is through the desert.  There’s a solitude about it which provides a natural meditative experience, but at the same time it’s bursting with life and color in not so obvious ways.  It’s calming, peaceful, vibrant and dangerous all at the same time depending on the time of year.  Cloud structures that form over distant mountains can catch sunrises and sunsets at different angles.  Often times those angles change the narrative by the minute giving the eye little time to differentiate.  It’s in those moments that new ideas are sparked, captured by a dash camera and conceptualized into a composition for new work.

Having a very artistic mind from a young age grew over the years to experimenting with different mediums.  As a kid Brett starting drawing the animals from the family Outdoor Life Magazine.  Everything from deer, elk and moose to hawks and eagles.  That drawing at an early age merged into abstracts experimenting with house paint from the basement.  House paint gave way to acrylic that became oil paint when he began studying under the graceful eye of Cheryl Kline at the Kline Academy of Fine Art in Culver City, California. It was five years of immersive study at Kline Academy that he learned the skills and techniques that you see in his work today.  Trained as a classical fine art oil painter gave him the tools and skills to adapt and find his own style.  His love of the natural world and the grittiness of life’s adventures on the road helped form his road trip landscape combination.

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