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From the artist....

Brett Cassort is an International Award winning and published artist who has ventured across the U.S., growing up in the Northeast and now calling Southern California home for more than a decade.  Having a very creative mind from a young age, Brett started drawing the animals from the family Outdoor Life Magazine. Over the years pencil drawings transitioned into abstracts with house paint and acrylic.  Brett started with oil paint when he began studying under the graceful eye of Cheryl Kline at the Kline Academy of Fine Art.  It was five years of immersive study in classical foundation at Kline Academy that Brett learned the skills and techniques that you see in his work today.

 This road of life that we are all on has so many peaks and valleys, twists and turns, darkness and light, and obstacles that present themselves.  Brett’s work is a portrayal of the many places his life has taken him.  May we keep our curiosity, our sense of adventure, and our willingness to keep exploring what’s over the ridge, around the bend, beyond the trees where the light is coming from.

“Wherever you are on this road of life,  you’re not alone.”

                                                      Brett Cassort

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